Sidi Technology

SP Carbon Sole®

NEW The SP Carbon Sole® provides Speedplay pedal users dramatically improved ergonomics, power transfer, light weight and simplified set-up.

Ergonomics: Direct bolt-up of the Speedplay cleat reduces sole-to-spindle height by 4 mm and allows 6 mm more rearward cleat placement with improved lateral rigidity. Light weight: Eliminating 3-hole cleat adapters reduces set-up weight by 54 grams per pair (sole weight is also reduced by 8 grams vs Carbon Lite Sole®).

Easy Set-Up: The SP Carbon Sole® eliminates the need for 3-bolt adapter plates and features a printed fore/aft alignment scale.

The SP Carbon Sole® is constructed by an Italian carbon fiber specialist who’s also contracted by Ferrari and Ducati. It is handmade exclusively of T700 carbon fiber, and engineered with a small degree of toe flex that biomechanically relieves stress on the plantar tendon. The sole is heat- and compression-molded with longitudinal corrugations for improved stiffness without added material or weight.

The SP Carbon Sole® is incredibly stiff, deflecting only 1.5 mm in SIDI’s rigidity test, in which a 50 kg (110 lb) weight is suspended from one end of the sole.

* To validate our warranty and prevent sole wear, the Speedplay Stainless Carbon Sole Wear Plate is required for use with SIDI SP Carbon® soles.