Sidi Technology

Drako Carbon SRS Sole®

In 1999, SIDI revolutionized mountain bike shoe design with the Sole Replacement System® (SRS), allowing mountain bikers to replace the most wear-prone part of the shoe—the sole.

The NEW Drako Carbon SRS Sole® takes comfort and efficiency one step further by dramatically reducing weight (overall shoe weight savings of 100 grams per pair) without sacrificing performance. The Drako Carbon SRS Sole® is a pure carbon sole with SIDI’s replaceable tread blocks in the toe and heel. The carbon lay-up provides a slight amount of flex in the toe for a smoother, more natural running gait without compromising the shoe’s excellent stiffness and power transfer while pedaling. As it does in the Vent Carbon® and other SIDI soles, this small amount of engineered flex also improves pedaling comfort and biomechanical efficiency by relieving plantar tendon strain.

The sole is engineered for the high-performance, high-mileage cyclist who requires a sole that is rigid but does not compromise the foot’s blood circulation, guaranteeing excellent comfort and great power transfer. The Dragon SRS Sole® tread are easily removable and replaceable. The Dragon SRS Sole® is toe spike compatible.

* Most Dual-Retention Bar type MTB Pedals (such as Crank Brothers and LOOK) recommend using a reinforcement plate between the cleat and the shoe in order to prevent damage to the sole. The Drako cleat wear plate can be replaced in case of damage from the pedal system, so a reinforcement plate is optional.